The debut of BG-Star 96 gains a great success! —BioGerm 2020 NCLM Review

Publishdate:2020-09-29 Views:642

The 16th National Congress of Laboratory Medicine (2020 NCLM) was successfully held in Qingdao on September 24-26. The conference is the largest academic conference in China's laboratory industry in 2020, and the authority and grandness of the conference were highlighted by the incessant flow of people.

New Products

In this conference, BioGerm brought the forefront to participate in the booth, and the new product "Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation BG-Star96" made a shocking appearance, which attracted many delegates to stop by.

Automatic nucleic acid extraction workstation BG-Star96 is independently developed by BioGerm, which integrates many functions such as automatic sample addition, nucleic acid extraction and PCR system preparation. With only one step, the whole process automation operation of 96 samples can be completed, which can fully meet the demand of automated, fast and high throughput nucleic acid extraction, and create a new experience of nucleic acid detection.

During the conference, BG-Star96 was introduced in detail by staff, fully demonstrating its fully automatic sample processing, nucleic acid extraction and PCR system preparation features, which can completely free your hands. In addition, the nucleic acid extraction and PCR system configuration of the instrument takes only one hour, with obvious advantages in speed; it can be used with a wide range of tests to meet the needs of a variety of laboratories; and it has a quintuple design to prevent contamination and ensure reliable experimental results...... The excellent performance and the introduction made the trip worthwhile for all the guests.

Experts visited the site

On September 25, we are fortunate to have experts such as Professor Wang Chuanxin, Director-designate of the Chinese Medical Association Laboratory Medicine Branch and President of the Second Hospital of Shandong University, visit our booth to guide the work and exchange the latest research progress in the industry and products with Zhao Baihui, General Manager of BioGerm.

At the scene, Prof. Wang not only listened to the detailed explanation of the staff, and had in-depth communication with Mrs. Zhao, but also expressed his concern and high hopes for BioGerm. This is undoubtedly a great encouragement and spur to the future work of BioGerm. In the future, we will continue to innovate, constantly improve products and services, and constantly surpass ourselves.

Empowering Doctors, Enhance life

Empowering Doctors, Enhance life.”This has always been the mission of BioGerm. Since its establishment, BioGerm has been focused on the diagnosis of infectious agents, committed to technological innovation. To be "Pathogen Diagnosis Expert" and to reduce outpatients' consultation time by one hour because of our services is the original purpose of BioGerm and also the direction we have been working on.

In the future, BioGerm will continue to fulfill its social responsibility, and in the future development, uphold the original intention, innovation, quality first, a comprehensive layout in the field of infectious agent diagnosis, to provide a full set of solutions for respiratory infections related to epidemic emergencies, outpatient screening, ward diagnosis and diagnosis of the causes of difficult and serious diseases.