Shanghai BioGerm Medical Technology

Shanghai BioGerm Medical Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “BioGerm”) was established in March 2017. It is a high-tech company dedicated to the development and application of molecular diagnostic reagents for infectious pathogens, especially multiple fluorescent PCR diagnostic reagents. With the main focus on infectious pathogens, the company provides a complete set of solutions for emergency response of epidemics to reduce the waiting time for outpatients by one hour, so that patients with serious medical problems can receive accurate treatment.

Located in Shanghai Phoenix Creativity Valley, the main body of BioGerm has a 6,000 square meters of clean plant which is used for the development and production of reagent and instrument, used for technical service and standard GMP production.

The company’s wholly-owned medical laboratory is located in Pudong International Medical Park, covering an area of 1,000 square meters, which is already qualified for molecular genetics and microbial testing. It is a registered level 2 biosafety laboratory with the certification in both ISO 9001 and 13485.

BioGerm can quickly respond to this novel coronavirus epidemic in the early stage is also due to the company’s dedication and long-term accumulation in the field of respiratory virus nucleic acid diagnostic reagents and sequencing services. Before the outbreak, more than 400 nucleic acid detection reagents and three different nucleic acid extraction reagents developed by BioGerm have been widely used in most Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In the early stages of the epidemic, BioGerm took the advantage of emergency R & D and production in the field of respiratory viruses and took the lead in completing the development of the kit, which ensures that the suspected infection is diagnosed in the early stages of the epidemic. Later, the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit(PCR-Fluorescence Probing)was approved by the National Medical Products Administration and was expropriated by the Shanghai Government for epidemic prevention and control.

At present, BioGerm has more than 400 kinds of pathogenic nucleic acid detection kits, including 2019-nCoV, with self-developed nucleic acid extraction reagents, the first generation of the three automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument and the second generation of nucleic acid extraction workstation has been widely used.

The third generation of all-in-one instrument developed by the company will be launched soon, which can truly liberate doctors' hands. In the diagnosis of respiratory tract infections, BioGerm also has various kinds of respiratory multiplex nucleic acid detection kits coming to market, which can cover 95% of respiratory tract infections with flexible combination of detection methods.